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The fuel flows back to the tank without any pressure. Butterfly Valves are presented in many sizes, dependent on your presentation. The control unit processes signals from a variety of sensors and calculates the exact amount of fuel to be supplied to the combustion chamber. Pressure-seal Valves - This is a common valve found on most of the cylinders and can be operated using a hand-wheel at very high pressure levels. In the T-slot design, the disk slips over the stem. Some common trade names associated with the valves we stock are as follows: Butterfly, ball, gate, globe, angle, needle, solenoid, check, regulating, diverter, foot, relief, unloader, backflow prevention and float valves. At the pressure determined by spring compression, system pressure overcomes spring pressure and the relief valve opens. All needle valves manufactured by METLINE are manufactured from bar material and have suitable working pressure equivalent to straight seamless pipes We use high quality bar stock for manufacturing.

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Six types of stem tips are available, including two styles of vee-points. 2. The simplest, and very ancient, valve is simply a freely hinged flap which drops to obstruct fluid (gas or liquid) flow in one direction, but is pushed open by flow in the opposite direction.Reducing valve operation is controlled by high pressure at the valve inlet and the adjusting screw on top of the valve assembly. The Control valve handbook, 3rd edition, FISHER Controls international LLC, USA. Most homes have valves like this on the incoming cold water "feed" and the pipes leading refer to this page into and out from the water tanks. They are a relatively low cost Needle Valves and used in a variety of applications. The Needle Valves & Manifolds manufactured by General Instruments are available in wide range of materials and designs. The stem and disk for a butterfly valve are separate pieces.