Fraud Rapper Bohemia In Legal Controversy

The Advocate also mentioned a list of other venues in Delhi, Punjab and Jaipur where the rapper performed his gigs and earned a quite a ton of unaccounted income, which also validates our sources claims on the same facts. Even the Hindi websites have been writing about Case filed against Bohemia – A Fraud Rapper.It seems the Case filed by Advocate Rajesh Sachdeva holds certain valid facts against Bohemia.

Bohemia - A Fraud Rapper

At the very first instance he went to Chandigarh and there he Fraud Rapper Bohemia in Legal Controversy was in news for performing at a famous restaurant in Chandigarh


Fraud Rapper - Bohemia Slapped With A Law Suit

Since our birdie gave us such interesting insights on the famous rapper Bohemia, we conducted some of our own investigation via Social Media Scrolling of the Rapper’s account and what came to our notice was a shocker, our birdie sources was right Bohemia has been continuously performing since the day he landed on the Indian Sub-Continent. Some of the news portal leaked the news that the Transactions for tons of ill-earned unaccounted money were being done via hawala route in favor of the famous rapper, the more we investigate the whole scenario about the Case filed against Fraud Rapper Bohemia,